A CUNY Graduate Center English Student Association conference,
in collaboration with the Morbid Anatomy Museum

7–8 April 2016

The Way of All Flesh is an academic conference that investigates the theoretical potentialities of investigating flesh without recourse to the reifying concept of the enclosed and enclosing body. The conference will feature an opening keynote by Drew Daniel (Johns Hopkins University) and a closing keynote by Dominic Pettman (The New School).

Moreover, this conference is a collaborative project with the Morbid Anatomy Museum and aims to blend the academic with the artistic and the public. Along with traditional conference presentations, the conference will hold a roundtable at the Morbid Anatomy Museum on April 7 and will feature a curated exhibit of the visual art of Ari Richter and a performance piece by Ian Deleón with Agrofemme at the CUNY Graduate Center on April 8.

For a full schedule of events, please see the “Schedule” tab above, and for bios and information regarding the location of all events, see the “Information” tab above.

This conference is made possible by Revolutionizing American Studies, the Futures Initiative, the Twentieth Century Area Studies Group, and the Early Modern Interdisciplinary Group.